Review of For the Kingdom CD/Audio Download

I received a copy of the “FOR YOUR KINGDOM” CD for my fair and honest review,  Higher Vision Church created this audio CD. The church is filled with nearly 3,000 people every Friday night.  This church is 12-years-old and is multigenerational congregation located outside of Los Angeles. The diversity of this church takes center stage on Higher Vision Worship’s debut album, For Your Kingdom” 

The songs range from high-energized songs that lean towards the rock end of the musical spectrum.  On the other end, there are songs that tug at the heart-strings.  I wanted to love this CD and was really looking forward to receiving it.  I found several of the songs were more contemporary than I liked as far as the musical numbers.

The words of all the songs, however, touched my soul and caused me to want to worship God.  The CD contains thirteen songs and takes one hour and eight minutes to listen to in its entirety.  Songs range from 3:41 minutes to 8:29 minutes long.  My favorite songs were “Near the Broken” and “Broke the Chains”.

You can view a music video from the CD at Youtube at the following link on Youtube.  If you like music that ranges from high-energy to heart-tugging, you should check this CD out for yourself.  You can purchase the CD or downloads at the following link, so check it out for yourself.

I wish I could say I loved this CD, but I did not, Too much of the music had more of a rock feel rather than the feeling of worship music. Many songs made me think of a rock concert atmosphere rather than wanting to worship the Lord.

Abiding in Christ – Happiness

John 154small

For the past several Wednesday nights at church, our pastor has been speaking about abiding in Jesus Christ.  Several times he has spoken about the fact that our happiness depends on “happenings.”  But instead of trying to find happiness, we should look for`happiness we should look for the joy that only can come from God.  God loves us with a never-ending and immeasurable love.  We must walk in the steps of Jesus Christ.  Does this mean we have to be perfect?  Definitely not, but we must strive to be Christ-like.  We need to love our neighbors, even those we deem to possibly be unlovable.

We need to spend time in God’s Word and with God’s people.  We are told in the Bible how Jesus often went off by Himself to spend time with God His Father, so we need to do the same.  We all have a choice about whether or not we abide in Christ.  I want to abide in Christ so He will abide in me.  I recognize I feel differently when I spend time in His Word and in His Presence than when I do not.

So what is going in with you?  I would love to hear from you.

Abiding in Christ on One of “Those” Days


Have you ever had one of “those” days?  A day where everything and anything that could go wrong does go wrong.  Last week my husband and I had one of those days.  It began when we stopped by our primary care doctor’s office.  I needed a refill of one of my prescriptions, but for some reason, it was not included in the prescriptions I was given.  Getting this particular prescription filled proved to be an exercise in patience and determination.

The specialist told me we needed to bring in a copy of the authorization from Tricare.  I immediately stated they already should have that information.  The insurance specialist collected information from me so she could go confirm with her boss about our referral.  Once she pulled up my file the authorization displayed, so there was no question about our authorization.  Then we had to go wait again.  We watched numerous other patients come and go.  Finally, my name was called and we did more waiting before finally seeing the doctor.

We returned to my husband’s unit to finish out the day.  While there, I received a call from our primary care doctor saying they had no record of me telling them about the prescription I needed.  After several frustrating moments on several calls, we finally got the situation rectified by the specialist.

Later that evening, we attended our Wednesday night church service where our pastor was speaking about abiding in Christ.  It is easy to say we are abiding in Him when everything is going our way (meaning the way we want it to), but it is another thing to abide in Him when things are not going well.

John 154

This particular series is really speaking to my heart and soul.  Oh, how I want to abide in Christ.  I want to rely on Him and recognize that He knows what is best.  But sometimes, that is easy to think and much more of a challenge to truly believe.  I want to be the one God created me to be.  I know I am loved by Him, but I can not always see myself as He sees me.

According to the Webster’s Dictionary website, here is the definition of abide:

Full Definition of abide


play\-ˈbōd\ or



  1. transitive verb
  2. 1:  to wait for :await

  3. 2a:  to endure without yielding :withstandb:  to bear patiently :tolerate<cannot abide such bigots>

  4. 3:  to accept without objection <will abide your decision>

Did you notice the word “abode”?  Abode brings to mind thoughts of a home – like when someone says, “Welcome to my humble abode”.  I want to welcome Jesus Christ into my heart so it is truly a home for Him to stay in for the rest of my life.  Jesus Christ died for our sins.  We need to open our hearts to Him.  We need to be willing to die to self so He can live in our hearts.  When we do, we will receive a peace that only God can provide.

May you find a place today where you can allow Jesus Christ to abide in you.


Unexpected Opportunities



Back in October of 2015, we found out we were going to be moving from Pennsylvania to Texas courtesy of the Army Reserves.  My husband and I knew we wanted to find a church as soon as possible.  So once we arrived in Texas in March, finding a church became one of our priorities.  The first church we visited was a church that overwhelmed some members of the family.  For us coming from a small church background, there were just too many people.  Everyone was friendly, but the congregation was too large for us.

I was able to reach out to a member of the local homeschooling community for the second time to find other suggestions.  One of the members sent me a list of a list of three possibilities.  I poured over the websites trying to get some idea of what the different churches believed.  Finally, my husband and I talked about what church to visit.  We made our decision knowing we had different options if this one did not work out.  We walked through the doors and immediately felt welcome.  My daughter found a kindred spirit in the pastor’s daughter.  My youngest son made friends with several young men at the church.  Most importantly, our oldest son who plans on becoming a Youth Pastor and is preparing to start college courses for this endeavor found an opportunity to serve as a youth pastor.  The current youth pastor has accepted a pastorate at a church out of state, and they will be leaving later this month.  So in the meantime, my son has begun working with the current youth pastor to prepare.  Last night he had his first solo event at our home. He had some of the teenagers of the church come to sing, pray and do a devotional.  All in all, it went very well.

On Sunday, many of the regular members of the Praise and Worship band were absent, so my oldest son played bass guitar, and I led the singing.  I have to say it was quite the experience.  I usually sing either acapella (no instruments – just voices) or with a piano that plays both the melody and backup parts. However, the melody was only led by me.  But I listened to my call to use one of the gifts that God provided for me.  It is amazing to see how God works.  I thoroughly believe God led us to our current assignment and to this particular church.

Have you ever felt a calling or done what you know what is right in God’s eyes.  I would love to hear from you.


“W” is for Worship & for Weather


So I am counting down to the end of the #BloggingAtoZ challenge for April 2016 and today’s letter is “w”.  For me, “w” stands for worship and weather.  Worship to me involves anything and everything that deals with expressing a love for my God.  I can worship alone, in small groups, or in large crowds.  Anytime and anyplace is perfect for worshipping God.  I love to sing, so singing old hymns or some more modern Praise and Worship songs is perfect for getting close to God. I feel this Scripture is an excellent representation of why I worship the Lord.

Psalm138 2


For me, right now I also feel “w” represents weather.  For the last several years, we have experienced a variety of weather situations.  We have seen snow, hail, ice, wind, rain, sleet, freezing rain, warm or even down-right hot temperatures, pleasant temperatures along with cool or cold temperatures.  But that was in Pennsylvania.  Now we are in southeast Texas, and it seems like we are already seeing only four real types of weather:  pleasant with sunshine, rain, hot, or hot and humid.  I have a feeling it is going to get interesting for a while.  Living in Pennsylvania, we did not have to worry a lot about tornadoes, but I do not think the same can be siad for where we are now.

So what does “w” stand for you?  I would love to hear from you.