#31DaystoWrite – Scriptures of Faith Day 25 – Hebrews 11:39 – Sanctified Sunday


So today is day 25 of the #31DaystoWrite , NaBloPoMo , and Ultimate Blog Challenges and I am still here.  Here is my Scripture verse graphic for today.


But instead of talking about the verse today, I want to talk about Sundays.  I remember in the early days of our marriage, Sundays were a special day.  We would go to church in the morning.  Then we typically returned to my in-laws home to have Sunday dinner and just to visit one another.  Then almost 7 years ago, our lives changed.  My husband, children, my mother and me moved from Eastern NC to western Pennsylvania.  We left everything that was familiar to us.  My children who were used to the warm weather of the south looked forward to experiencing their first “real” snow and winter.  We bought a house directly beside a small white church.  Although the congregation was small they welcomed us with open arms and hearts.

Being new to the area, we did not have the luxury of having a large family surrounding us.  We found families in the church and in the Boy Scout and Cub Scout groups we became a part of with our sons.  So many Sundays we had nothing to do.  On those days, we would spend time as a family – just enjoying each other.  I appreciated those quiet (well with four children quiet is probably the wrong word for me to use) time spent with just one another.  We were able to reconnect and rest our souls and spirits.

It reminds us that even God, who created the Universe, took a day to rest.  Often we read in our Bibles about Jesus taking time to get away from the crowds and reconnect with His God.  If God and Jesus needed time to rest, then how can we say we do not need rest?

So how do you rest your soul and reconnect with God?  I would love to hear from you.  If you have anything you would like me to pray for, leave me a comment.  I love connecting with people.  May God bless you today.

#31DaystoWrite – Scriptures of Faith Day 23 – Hebrews 11:6


Today is Day 23 of the #31DaystoWrite challenge.  It also day 23 of the NaBloPoMo and Ultimate Blog challenges for October 2015 and I am still posting.  I am really enjoying these challenges.  Even though our lives might be rather hectic right now, I am still enjoying posting.  Today’s Scripture is Hebrews 11:6 and here is a graphic for it.

Hebrews116But today is a very special day.  Seventeen years ago today, we gave birth to our second son.  As with our other children, we were induced – so that meant getting to the hospital around 6 am to check in.  Having an IV started.  It also meant having pitocin and all the fun of laying on my one side to help manage my blood pressure.  This time we unfortunately received a hurse who was a nightmare.  To begin with she stated there was no pre-certification pediatrician card in our file.  But mysteriously it reappeared when Lisa, Dennis’ sister-in-law offered to run across the street to the pediatrician’s office to get one (incredibly easy for her to do since she worked there).    Then, she just seemed to be lacking in the compassion and competence departments.

We really were not expecting to have a baby until sometime that afternoon.  So my husband left the hospital to go do a couple of vending locations (he and his father owned a vending business).  I was okay with this since he had a cell phone and we were just expecting things to go rather slowly.  Lisa, my coach and husband’s sister-in-law, settled in for the day with all her perfect plans in place on how the day would go – right down to what she was going to have for lunch.

But God  must have been looking down on us in favor, because another nurse happened to be walking by about the time our nurse was discussing pain medication with us, which happened somewhere around 9:30.  After the nightmare with our first son, I knew I did not want an epidural.  But the nurse was having difficulty believing me.  So the second nurse suggested they check me to see how I was progressing.  Then the second nurse brilliantly suggested having my doctor check me, as he was right down the hall.  So while he and the nurses were getting ready to check me, I looked at Lisa and said I felt like I was about to be sick.  She believed me and brought the basin to me.  Then I looked at her and said I felt like pushing instead.

Needless to say, things happened fast – the doctor and nurses moved quickly to get gowns and other protective items on, while setting up for the delivery.  I asked Lisa to call my husband back to the hospital (it was not even 10:30 yet).  But she could not remember his number even though I had wrote down all the important numbers for her.  So I had her hand me the phone and I called him myself.  At the same time, everyone was emphatically insisted I not push.  While that is easier said than done.  With just two quick pushes our second son entered the world before my husband could even make it back to the hospital.

Lisa ran out to get lunch for us all.  I want to say it was one of the best meals I ever tasted.  Part of it could have been from the thrill of having our second son with us.

As the years have gone by, he has been a tremendous blessing to our family.  He never asks for anything and will randomly come give me hugs just because.  So happy 17th birthday to my darling son Joseph.

#31DaystoWrite – Scriptues of Faith Day 22 – Romans 5:1


Today is day 22 of the #31DaystoWrite challenge along with day 21 of NaBloPoMo and the Ultimate Blog Challenge.  I have really been enjoying writing my series – #ScripturesofFaith.  Today I am choosing to write about Romans 5:1.  This verse is another one that I have heard my husband speak about at times.  Being justified by our faith, we have peace through our Lord Jesus Christ.”  Having faith brings peace through the knowledge and certainty of our salvation.  Sometimes faith comes easy and other times faith takes a tremendous amount of work.  There are times keeping the faith becomes more difficult. So often people tell others, “God won’t give you more than you can handle.”  But those words can be hard to hear and often fall flat rather than providing comfort.  When things are going well, it is much easier to believe in a loving God.  But in times of hurt or times of difficulty it can be more challenging.

Faith takes effort.  Believing that Jesus loves us and died for our sins can be a little easier.  But when difficulty, challenges or frightening times arise, knowing and believing become two different things.  In those times, we must draw closer to God and draw strength from His Word and from fellow believers.  But these believers need to truly demonstrate the love of and faith in Christ rather than just throwing around empty platitudes or saying words with no genuine actions.

When Dennis wound up in the hospital with his gall bladder attack, peace escaped me at times.  Finding comfort when sitting alone in a hospital room with a spouse who is hurting and unable to be truly helped makes peace fleeting.  At other times, when a fellow believer simply walks into the room because he or she heard you were there provides tremendous comfort and peace.  A hug and a prayer or other demonstration of love bathes the room in peace.  Hearing a doctor inform a patient and his spouse to “google” a condition does not provide peace.  Reading on “Google” can completely destroy an individual’s peace.  Driving home from the hospital alone without your spouse and not being sure of when he or she is coming home makes for a stressful time.  Bringing your spouse home does wonders to bring peace and tranquility to a person’s soul.  Knowing fellow believers are praying about your situation overwhelms a person with peace and faith.

A quiet word, even a word read on a computer screen, from a family member, friend or fellow believer provides so much comfort, peace and faith.  It ensures someone believes in the God that created the universe.

Romans 51So I will be praying for faith today.  How can I pray for you?  And, what is going on in your part of the word?  I would love to hear from you.

#31DaystoWrite – Day 21 – Scriptures of Faith – Galatians 6:10


Today is day 21 of the #31DaystoWrite challenge along with day 21 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge and the October NaBloPoMo challenge for October.  I am still here and participating.  I have really enjoyed writing this series.  Today I want to continue my series on Scriptures of Faith.  Today

Galatians610betterMany times as Christians we find ourselves focusing on reaching the lost and we forget the actual members of our churches and bodies of believers.  We need to focus on loving and living with those believers we worship with regularly.  We need to love and show charity to fellow believers.  We need to demonstrate the Light of Christ in everything we do and everywhere we are.  We never know who is watching us and needs to feel the love of Christ at any given moment.  We need to be the hands, feet, mouth, ears and hearts of Christ.  It is important to stretch ourselves and spend time in the Word and with God so we build our own relationships with Christ.

So what is up in your corner of the world?  I would love to hear from you!  May God bless you in everything you do today.

#31DaystoWrite – Scriptures of Faith Day 18 – Ephesians 4:5


Today is day 18 of the #31DaystoWrite challenge, the October challenge for NaBloPoMo and the Ultimate Blog challenge, which I am participating in this month.  Today I want to continue my #ScripturesofFatih challenge with another Scripture.  Today’s verse is Ephesians 4:5 – and says “One Lord, one Faith, one Baptism”.  There are not multiple ways to come to God.  There is only one way and that is through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  We can not earn our way into Heaven.  We can not do enough “good deeds” to earn salvation.  We simply receive Salvation by repenting of our sins and accepting Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Savior.

Ephesians 45When written out, it sounds so easy to just utter the words, “accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior”.  God requires us to repent and have faith.  But faith takes effort.  It takes trusting in someone we can not see personally.  Trust does not necessarily come easy – especially if someone has hurt us in the past.  So do you find it easy to trust and have faith?  i would love to hear from you.

#31DaystoWrite – Day 17 – #ScripturesofFaith – Acts 16:5

12053173_10205096985840004_1576198073_nToday is day 17 of the #31DaystoWrite challenge, the October NaBloPoMo challenge and the Ultimate Blog challenge – all of which I am participating in this month.  Today I wish to share another “Scripture of Faith” series post.  Today the Scripture of Faith I have selected is – Acts 16:5.

Acts165This verse informs us that the early churches was established in the faith.  These churches were not established with anything more than that.  They did not have great wealth or power or influence, but they were filled with faith.  These early Christians were filled with faith.  They genuinely believed in the power and salvation of Jesus Christ.  Many died and were tortured for their beliefs.  Some were thrown in jail or received other punishments.  Stephen was stoned to death for his beliefs.  In the days we are living in now, we see in the news constantly about those being killed for their faith in Jesus Christ.  How many have enough faith to die for their beliefs?  Is there something you are willing to die for today?  I would love to hear from you.

#31DaystoWrite – Day 16 – #Scriptures of Faith – Galatians 5:22-23


Today is day 16 of the #31DaystoWrite challenge, the NaBloPoMo challenge for October and the Ultimate Blog challenge – all of which I am participating.  Today I want to continue my Scriptures of Faith series.  The passage today may be found in Galatians 5.  It is most commonly known as the Fruits of the Spirit.  These verses tell us what are the Fruits of the Spirit.  Several years ago I had the privilege of being the Missionette leader at the church we were attending at the time for my daughter and some other young ladies.  The “Fruits of the Spirit” badge was one of my favorite ones we worked on while I was a leader.  These verses tell us what characteristics or traits we should focus on in our lives.    One of these fruits is faith.  When we rely on our faith, we are strengthened by the power and protection of God.  He wants us to rely on Him rather than ourselves.  Man is fallible but God is not.  Man sins, but God does not.  Man falls and stumbles, but God does not.  So which is the better one to rely on?  As Joshua states in

Joshua 24:15King James Version (KJV)

15 And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

I would prefer to serve our mighty God than to rely on my self.

So what is going on in your corner of the world today?  I would love to hear from you.


#31DaystoWrite – Day 12 – Scriptures of Faith – Ephesians 3:17

12048861_10205095661006884_1785478268_nToday is the 12th day of my series – Scriptures of Faith.  Today I want to look at Ephesians 3:17.Ephesians317This verse tells us that we must allow Christ to dwell in us – so we must allow Him to become part of us.  We do this by having faith in Him and in His Word.  We have to have a firm foundation built on love.  This means we have to not only love those we call our brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, but also those we may consider our “enemies”.  I must confess I don’t always find this easy to do.  Sometimes, It is definitely a challenge.

So what is going on in your corner of the world today?  I would love to hear from you.

#31DaystoWrite – Day 11 – Scriptures of Faith – Ephesians 2:8


So today is day 11 of my Scriptures of Faith series.  Today I want to blog about Ephesians 2:8, which states:

Ephesians28This verse is another verse that my husband, an ordained Primitive Baptist preacher, frequently preaches from and I have heard spoken.  We are saved by faith through grace.  There is nothing we can do to receive salvation, especially in the forms of works.  We can not “earn” our way into heaven by either being “good enough” or by the works we do.  The only way we receive salvation is through a merciful and loving God that was willing to send His Son to die on the Cross for our sins.  It is truly a gift.  We need to embrace that gift and strive to be Christ-like in all we do.

There are times I find myself being anything but Christ-like, but I eventually am brought to my knees to pray for mercy and grace.  Because I have faith in the salvation granted by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I know by asking for forgiveness, I receive it.  I am so glad that the God I serve is not one who writes down every wrong I have ever done.  My God does not throw back in my face all my mistakes and bad choices.  Instead, He is a God that forgives and forgets.  Oh that I could be that way.  I die to self daily and recognize I need to aim to be more Christ-like.

So how are things where you are?  I would love to hear from you.