Day 2 of #Write365 – Resolutions


So today is the second day of the #Write365 project I am participating in this year.  Every day I going to write something.  There is no set amount of writing I need to do, I just need to write something.  As a new year begins, many people are making resolutions – such as to lose weight, exercise or other similar items.  But despite the best of intentions, as the year progresses, many will stop the pursuit of their resolutions.

So this year I am only making two resolutions – one is for this project and the second is to read through the Bible again in the year.  Several years ago, in our previous city, the pastor of our church always geared our church up for the new year by encouraging us to read through our Bible in the year with him.  He even provided brochures that provided a reading plan.  So for the past several years, I have been reading through my Bible in a year.  Some years I have used the 90-day plan, while other years, I took the entire year.

On of my favorite discoveries was the YouVersion app, which allows you to pick from a large variety of reading plans – including devotional plans, whole Bible plans, and partial Bible plans.  There are plans that can be completed in as little as 3 days right through plans that take an entire year.  So there is a large variety to choose from, ensuring everyone can find something for their tastes and needs.

I tend to select one devotional plan and one plan that takes me through the entire Bible.  This year I am using the following two plans:

“There’s Hope for Today” – a plan that utilizes short excerpts of Scripture along with commentary to help start the thinking process.

The “Discipleship Journal’s Book-at-a-Time” plan is the one I selected for reading through the Bible.

So far I am happy with both of the plans I selected.  In addition to these two resolutions, I have chosen a couple of words for this year and I will be sharing them in later posts.

Do you make resolutions and if so – what are they?  I would love to hear from you.

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