Finding and Speaking Voices of Truth


Have you ever been going through life and suddenly you feel as though God is trying to get your attention?  Well, that is how I have felt for the last week or so.  Everywhere I look, from a course, I am doing, to books I am reading, to blog posts and more, I am constantly being bombarded with the idea of positive affirmations.  Specifically, I am seeing the need to speak them out loud.  So I guess God is trying to get my attention.

In my case, I am supposed to be writing out and then speaking out positive statements regarding changes I want to make in my life.  I have started writing them down.  Writing words comes fairly easy, but speaking those some words is more of a challenge.

We need to be able to speak words, whether orally or written that God will bring to fruition.  So I guess I know what I am going to be doing this week.  I am going to be writing down my affirmations and then recording myself speaking them out loud.

Now I need to make something clear, I do not like listening to myself on a recording.  I do not mind recording other people, but I do not want to record myself.  But I guess this is God’s way of encouraging me to be willing to follow the words of the song, “Voice of Truth” from the movie Facing the Giants.:

To step out of my comfort zone
Into the realm of the unknown where Jesus is
And He’s holding out His hand

I think this particular song is one of my favorites from the movie Facing the Giants.  So I need to step out in faith and believe that God will be there for me.  I need to face and slay my fear of listening to myself speak.  I need to have faith and confidence in what God wants for me.

I am participating in Mom Boot Camp 2.0 with Hannah Keely, and does she ever have a way of taking away all the layers and getting to the heart of things, even when it is hard.  So I am going to speak my affirmations.  I am going to believe that God loves me with an everlasting love and wants to provide an abundance for me.  So I am stepping out in faith and believing in the power of the spoken word.  I believe that nothing is impossible for God!

So do you need a “voice of truth” or maybe to face some giants?  Maybe you already speak or write affirmations out for yourself, or maybe you need some encouragement to do so. I would love to hear back from you about whether you are speaking or writing out your affirmations.