My Beautiful Daughter

Last Friday, the fourteenth of October marked my daughter’s 14th birthday.  Somehow, I did not correctly schedule this post.  So it is a little bit late.  Fourteen years ago we were blessed to welcome our only daughter into the world.  She constantly amazes me.  In the last year or so, she has amazed me with her drawing talent.

Now I know she was blessed with this talent from some of her aunts.  Because I do not count myself to be talented in the art department. She enjoys drawing on paper as well as doing art on the computer. Here are some pieces she has done.





So even though it is a little late this year.  Happy belated birthday to my beautiful daughter.

“R” is for Rebecca, Roses and

Today is another day in the #BloggingAtoZ challenge.  The letter for today is “R”, which stands for Rebecca and Roses.

Rebecca is our only daughter and is our youngest.  She loves to dance.

She enjoyed dancing with her brother in the fall.

She also loves to draw.  Here are some she drew.

And she loves her brothers.

“R” is also for roses, like the ones in the flowers I received from my children as an early birthday present.

And finally, “r” is for rainbows – like the one we saw driving from Fort Lee in Virginia to Pennsylvania.

So what comes to mind for you when you see the letter “r”?