Scriptures of Thanksgiving – Day 5

Thankgsgiving Scripture ActivitySo today is day 5 of our Scriptures of Thanksgiving activity.  Our verse for today is found in Colossians.Colossians 3 17
It is is important for us to remember that no matter what we are doing, we need to do it in the name of Jesus.  So whether times are good or when times are challenging.  God does not want us to stagnate and stay in one place.  Instead He wants to challenge us to grown, reach and do more than we think we can.  Stretching and growing while moving out of our comfort zone provides incredible opportunities.

In twenty three years of marriage, we have had many moments that look completely different.  Some good moments were when our children were born.  Some challenging moments have been during the sleepless nights and the moves thanks to the military.  We have endured times where work required travel.  At the same time, a relationship with God and a foundation laid on His Words meant we worked through these challenges rather than just saying, “Enough!”.  I am blessed to have a husband who not only listens but does as much as he can to help.  He puts my needs first often instead of his own.  He is willing to dig in and strive to help our family.  He listens to me when I talk (or at least the greatest amount of time).  After all he is human, and to err is human.  But if we believe int he example of our Lord Jesus Christ, we must strive to love each other no matter what the circumstances may be.

So today, I am truly thankful for and blessed by my husband.  What are you thankful for today?