My Beautiful Daughter

Last Friday, the fourteenth of October marked my daughter’s 14th birthday.  Somehow, I did not correctly schedule this post.  So it is a little bit late.  Fourteen years ago we were blessed to welcome our only daughter into the world.  She constantly amazes me.  In the last year or so, she has amazed me with her drawing talent.

Now I know she was blessed with this talent from some of her aunts.  Because I do not count myself to be talented in the art department. She enjoys drawing on paper as well as doing art on the computer. Here are some pieces she has done.





So even though it is a little late this year.  Happy belated birthday to my beautiful daughter.

20 Years ago Today

13528123_910655249080671_2644836525209392490_oTwenty years ago today, our oldest son was born.  This child has kept me on my toes, made me laugh and made me glad I am a mom.  Through the years, he has entertained our family.  On Friday, June 28, 1996, Dennis and I arrived at the hospital around 6:30 am for our scheduled induction.  He was born at around 5:40 that evening.  He was a dream baby in some ways.  He truly is a blessing directly from God to our family.  Oh and it would not be fair to talk about Jacob’s birth without mentioning my birthing coach – Dennis’ sister-in-law Lisa.  She was truly amazing at all the births (she coached me for all four).   I am not sure I could have gotten through the labor and delivery without her.  Stay tuned in October, when all three others were born to read about their lives.

However, this grape ape would only fall asleep some nights by his dad holding Jacob with his head in Dad’s had and the rest of him laying supported by Daddy’s arm.  From one end of our single wide mobile home to the other end of the home Dennis would constantly walk bouncing Jacob the entire time.  The two had/have an incredible bond.

Two weeks to the day after he was born, he lived through his first hurricane.  A few months later, he lived through his second.

This baby became a toddler who loved to be with his daddy.  One day, Daddy took him to the garden to dig potatoes.  However, I think all he really did was throw dirt over himself.

Then our second son came along.  The two were inseparable, and quite good at being instigators.  At the tender ages of about four and two, these two were able to put our minivan in gear (Jacob steered) and Joseph was down on the floor board pushing the pedals.  Somehow the two managed to get the van in gear and drive it into our fence (a much better outcome than  what could have happened – them driving the van into our mobile home.

The young boy grew and started school.  On his first day, I took him and picked him up (along with his siblings).  My young son looked at me that afternoon and told me, he did not want me to take him and pick him up; instead he wanted to ride the school bus.

He continued to grow.  When he entered fourth grade, he started Cub Scouts.  The following year we were forced into a situation that resulted in us homeschooling Jacob that year and then bringing all four children home the following year.    He really came into his own through homeschooling.

Then he crossed over into Boy Scouts and just sort of took things as they came.  In November 2008, we moved from North Carolina to Pennsylvania.  Right before we moved, his brother crossed to Boy Scouts.  Joseph had drive and determination, which helped motivate Jacob.

Soon the two were picking up each new rank at the same time.  After all, as the song goes, “Anything you can do, I can do better.”  This was their philosophy.  Although I believe Jacob was less competitive than Joseph by nature.  He just was not about to let Joseph outshine him.

He also became a Young Marine and did a fairly good job at that.

In July of 2012, both boys reached the rank of Eagle Scout.  They had their boards of review the same night.  So technically they achieved Eagle the same date.  We did a combined Eagle ceremony for them, which was a tremendous success.  We had an amazing turnout.  My inlaws drove to PA, with two of Dennis’ aunts to celebrate with us.  My father-in-law even cooked a hog for everyone.   The aunts and my mother-in-law helped with cooking everything else.  It was a wonderful day, although slightly bittersweet – since we had just moved a couple of weeks earlier from western PA to central PA.  We came back just for the Eagle ceremony.

Today, we are in Texas and Jacob is starting his work as a Youth Pastor and will be pursuing college classes starting in the fall.  I love him dearly.

So I just wanted to share a little with you.  I have to say life is never boring with my JacobP.  He is a true joy that God has blessed me to call son.

#31DaystoWrite – Scriptures of Faith Day 23 – Hebrews 11:6


Today is Day 23 of the #31DaystoWrite challenge.  It also day 23 of the NaBloPoMo and Ultimate Blog challenges for October 2015 and I am still posting.  I am really enjoying these challenges.  Even though our lives might be rather hectic right now, I am still enjoying posting.  Today’s Scripture is Hebrews 11:6 and here is a graphic for it.

Hebrews116But today is a very special day.  Seventeen years ago today, we gave birth to our second son.  As with our other children, we were induced – so that meant getting to the hospital around 6 am to check in.  Having an IV started.  It also meant having pitocin and all the fun of laying on my one side to help manage my blood pressure.  This time we unfortunately received a hurse who was a nightmare.  To begin with she stated there was no pre-certification pediatrician card in our file.  But mysteriously it reappeared when Lisa, Dennis’ sister-in-law offered to run across the street to the pediatrician’s office to get one (incredibly easy for her to do since she worked there).    Then, she just seemed to be lacking in the compassion and competence departments.

We really were not expecting to have a baby until sometime that afternoon.  So my husband left the hospital to go do a couple of vending locations (he and his father owned a vending business).  I was okay with this since he had a cell phone and we were just expecting things to go rather slowly.  Lisa, my coach and husband’s sister-in-law, settled in for the day with all her perfect plans in place on how the day would go – right down to what she was going to have for lunch.

But God  must have been looking down on us in favor, because another nurse happened to be walking by about the time our nurse was discussing pain medication with us, which happened somewhere around 9:30.  After the nightmare with our first son, I knew I did not want an epidural.  But the nurse was having difficulty believing me.  So the second nurse suggested they check me to see how I was progressing.  Then the second nurse brilliantly suggested having my doctor check me, as he was right down the hall.  So while he and the nurses were getting ready to check me, I looked at Lisa and said I felt like I was about to be sick.  She believed me and brought the basin to me.  Then I looked at her and said I felt like pushing instead.

Needless to say, things happened fast – the doctor and nurses moved quickly to get gowns and other protective items on, while setting up for the delivery.  I asked Lisa to call my husband back to the hospital (it was not even 10:30 yet).  But she could not remember his number even though I had wrote down all the important numbers for her.  So I had her hand me the phone and I called him myself.  At the same time, everyone was emphatically insisted I not push.  While that is easier said than done.  With just two quick pushes our second son entered the world before my husband could even make it back to the hospital.

Lisa ran out to get lunch for us all.  I want to say it was one of the best meals I ever tasted.  Part of it could have been from the thrill of having our second son with us.

As the years have gone by, he has been a tremendous blessing to our family.  He never asks for anything and will randomly come give me hugs just because.  So happy 17th birthday to my darling son Joseph.