Review of Courage for Life/Strong and Courageous



Courage for Life is a Bible App that brings the Word of God to life with female voices.  With busy lives and being on the move frequently, having a Bible app I can listen to is beneficial.  With so many Bible apps out there, it can be hard to pick just one.appText

This particular app is the first female-voiced audio Bible app.  While I did enjoy it, I do not think it will be my preferred audio Bible app.  At this moment, only the New Testament is available, which was rather disappointing.  At the end of each chapter is an application section that you can either listen to or read.  I appreciated this feature.

In addition to the Bible reading, there are interviews with women who helped make this audio Bible come to life.  Devotions are also available, but you have to leave the app and go to the website.  I would prefer to be able to stay in the app to read the devotions.  To me, accessing the website requires the Internet, which I would prefer not to do when reading a devotional.



While there are things about the app I liked, for the most part, I feel I have other apps I already use that offer more features and benefits.  While I will keep this app around, I do not think it is currently my favorite Bible app.

In addition to the app, I also received a copy of the book She is Strong and Courageous.  This book is designed to take women on a 90-day transformational journey.  Each day contains a passage of Scripture, a prayer, an observation, an interpretation, applying what you read, along with a closing prayer.



I found the devotionals to have meaning and being reasonable in length.  Of course, you could use the devotional as a springboard for deeper study.  The devotional is written by the creator of the Courage for Life app, which I found interesting.

So if you are looking for an audio devotional or a physical devotional, check out these two for yourself.

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Review of Love Nudge For Couples and Giveaway


If you are at all familiar with the 5 Love Languages, you know that everyone has a specific way they prefer to have love demonstrated to them.  For example, some people prefer acts of service, while others prefer physical contact.  But what if there was a way to go beyond just reading a book and taking that head knowledge instead to a heart level to essentially “train” yourself to properly illustrate and demonstrate level.


Just like an athlete needs to train to be successful, relationships require training as well.  Love Nudge For Couples aims to provide just that training.  Perhaps you have a spouse who provides you with fancy and expensive gifts, but you would prefer him to provide loving touches.  Then you wonder why this is the case.  In 5 Love Languages, Dr. Gary Chapman details the different ways people prefer to have love demonstrated.

5LL_Type Block_Outlines_Purple

But what do you do with that knowledge?  Love Nudge for Couples provides a way to do exactly that.  With a simple download of an app, it is easy to set up an account to get started.  Once the app is downloaded and you set up the account, you then take a quiz which provides results on your preferred language of love.  You also have the ability to set reminders to make sure you are attempting to demonstrate the desired responses. You then set goals to help you tangibly demonstrated love. Then you can send your spouse a link so the two of you can connect.


When my husband and I took the quizzes, we both felt like the results provided a reasonable assessment of how we prefer to have love expressed.  Then once we were connected, we were able to send each other love nudges to determine how the other’s love tanks were.  The concept of this app is really good.  However, I believe it is best used by people who have cell phones that can connect immediately.  We, unfortunately, did not have phones with that capability.  For us, we could only send the love nudges while at our home or someone else with WiFi capability.

Marriage and relationships take hard work, I feel this app does an excellent job providing assistance with this.  So if you are looking for a way to effectively connect with your spouse and speak the proper love language of your spouse, check out Love Nudge For Couples for yourself.

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