31 Days – Day 1

31 Days of Books and More

Over the past year and a half or so, I have been privileged to be on several different book launch teams.  While almost everyone has been different – certain things remain the same – the friendships made and the amazing authors and team members I have met.

One of my favorite books from this year came from Erin Odom.


This book gives a realistic look into family, finances and living life in a way that is more than just making it.  During the course of our conversations, the topic of Hurricane Harvey came up.  At this point, the storm was just a tropical storm predicted to come in as a category 1 storm.  Another lady and I both commented on how we did not really have the resources to go anywhere.  Plus, our family had the added trouble of having nowhere really to go.  With the storm coming in the weekend before payday, our options were limited.   However, an amazing lady on the book launch team told both of us we were welcome to come to her home in the central part of the state if we needed somewhere to go.

We used to live in eastern North Carolina, so hurricanes are nothing new to us.  However, in eastern North Carolina we typically “hunkered down” with my husband’s parents usually.  But this time was different, we were buying our supplies and while we were out and about we heard the storm was predicted to come in at least as a category 4 storm.  In the early evening, a friend texted me to ask if we knew our city was under a mandatory evacuation order.  I replied we did not.  So immediately, I contacted the lady on the book launch team who said to bring our family to her home.  We spent the rest of the evening making preparations.

Friday morning, we left the house heading northwest with no idea of what we were going to come home to.  However, we knew we were receiving #kissesfromJesus since we had somewhere to go.  Plus, we were able to find gas to get there along our route and traffic was reasonable.

So “More Than Just Making It” will always hold a special place in my heart.  What book(s) hold a special place in your heart?  I would love to hear from you.