Review of Seeing Green by Tilly Dillehay with a Giveaway


Seeing Green – Don’t Let Envy Color Your Joy by Tilly Dillehay caught my eye just by the title.  Growing up, we moved around a lot and after I married my husband and we had our four children, he went active duty in the military our family moved a lot as well.  I knew this book was one I had to read, and I have to say it did not disappoint.

Tilly Dillehay holds a degree in journalism from Lipscomb University and has served as the editor of a weekly newspaper as well as a lifestyle magazine. She now occupies her time being a homemaker and the mother to two little girls. She still writes at while also contributing t The Gospel Coalition. Her husband Justin is the pastor at a church in a small town east of Nashville. Tilly Dillehay also serves as the host of The Green Workshop, an event for women on the subject of envy, which is held in local churches.

Her book Seeing Green: Don’t Let Envy Color Your Joy caught my attention because of the title. It spoke to me. As a human, a wife, and a mother, envy has a way of seeping into every area of my life. There are times it is hard to face the fact that the not so little “green monster” has invaded my thoughts and heart.

This book is the perfect companion for such feelings. The author does an excellent job of allowing for conviction while also providing ideas on how to overcome the envy factor. As I read the book, I found myself being able to visualize myself in the situation being described while be ready to hear how to overcome this monster.

I was delighted and impressed by this book and if given the opportunity to read something else by her or to be able to meet her in person would be incredible.  One of my favorite passages from the book discusses the goal of the book.  Here is an picture I took of it.


Growing up, my father was a draftsman and designer who moved our family frequently.  He was always on the hunt for the new “best” job.  I always felt like my grandparents compared me to their siblings’ children and found us lacking.  It was a real blow to my self-esteem at times.  Yet, I am able to recognize now how God gave me certain gifts and talents and I need to take ownership of how I use them.  This book helped to reaffirm those feelings.

Here are some other quotes I found inspiring from the book.

While I love the idea that our first response should be joy, I know it is not always the way I want to react.  When I read the title of the last chapter, “Happiness Is the Best Revenge?”, I found myself agreeing with the author.  I am the youngest of two and never felt I measured up to the talents and gifts my olders sister had been given.  But as the years progressed I realized, she squandered those gifts in many ways.  I, on the other hand, found God’s blessings and love in my marriage and our three sons and a daughter.  So truly, happiness is the best revenge in a lot of ways in my eyes.

So do you find yourself suffering from envy or jealousy?  If so, check out, Seeing Green – Don’t Let Envy Color Your Joy by Tilly Dillehay.

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