Review of “fat and faithful: learning to love our bodies,our neighbors, and ourselves” by J. Nicole Morgan


This is my review of fat and faithful: learning to love our bodies, our neighbors, and ourselves by J. Nicole Morgan.


I loved the idea of this book and accepting people for who we are. And I agree with the idea that we should love everyone regardless of their shape, size or ability. I also agree we should demonstrate Christ-like behavior at all times. I also agree the church is full of sinners and none of us are perfect. I believe shape, size, age and other characteristics do not prevent God from loving us. I believe that He desires all to come into a relationship with Him. I agree that our approach and opinions about body image can damage those who do not meet what society indicates a person should look like. I also agree with the idea that body size or shape should not determine what people think of others. There should not be shame or ridicule associated with size. Instead, we should walk alongside one another in love.

Fat and Faithful 3

When I read the title of this book and was offered a copy to read for my fair and honest review, I wanted to love the book, However, as a conservative Christian, there were parts I could not agree with at all. I agree with the idea we should show Christ-like love; however, I can’t agree with the idea of loving the sin and the sinner both. Christ demonstrated over and over again that we are supposed to love the person, but not accept or encourage sinful behavior. After all, we see the best example of this with the adulterous woman whom Christ told to go and sin no more. So while I love the concepts of this book, I found it was a little to liberal in some of the theological aspects for me.

So you may want to check this book out for yourself.


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