Review of For the Kingdom CD/Audio Download

I received a copy of the “FOR YOUR KINGDOM” CD for my fair and honest review,  Higher Vision Church created this audio CD. The church is filled with nearly 3,000 people every Friday night.  This church is 12-years-old and is multigenerational congregation located outside of Los Angeles. The diversity of this church takes center stage on Higher Vision Worship’s debut album, For Your Kingdom” 

The songs range from high-energized songs that lean towards the rock end of the musical spectrum.  On the other end, there are songs that tug at the heart-strings.  I wanted to love this CD and was really looking forward to receiving it.  I found several of the songs were more contemporary than I liked as far as the musical numbers.

The words of all the songs, however, touched my soul and caused me to want to worship God.  The CD contains thirteen songs and takes one hour and eight minutes to listen to in its entirety.  Songs range from 3:41 minutes to 8:29 minutes long.  My favorite songs were “Near the Broken” and “Broke the Chains”.

You can view a music video from the CD at Youtube at the following link on Youtube.  If you like music that ranges from high-energy to heart-tugging, you should check this CD out for yourself.  You can purchase the CD or downloads at the following link, so check it out for yourself.

I wish I could say I loved this CD, but I did not, Too much of the music had more of a rock feel rather than the feeling of worship music. Many songs made me think of a rock concert atmosphere rather than wanting to worship the Lord.