Review of The Prayer Bible


I received a copy of the pink version of The Prayer Bible for my fair and honest review.  I was very pleased with the product we received.This truly is a Bible designed for children to interact and engage with on their own.  It is designed for children ages 6-10 years old.  Many of these children are able to read on their own and often have a desire to have a Bible designed for them.  The cover seems sturdy and meant for a child’s hands to embrace and tenderly carry with them anywhere they go and especially to take to church.

The Prayer Bible for Children encourages children to develop a heart for prayer and to learn the Bible through the popular ICB translation, a simple translation that children can read and understand.  There are special pages throughout the text highlight some of the most famous and beloved prayers featured in the Bible. For example, Abraham’s prayers to the Lord as well as Jesus praying before his crucifixion and even the way Paul prayed for the churches he planted are all included.  This Bible allows young readers to learn about a God who loves to hear from His children and loves answering prayers. This Bible even includes a pocket with a prayer journal for children to record their own prayers.


This Bible has many special features.  For example, there are 160 pages of prayer articles throughout the book.  Also, there are 64 four-color pages that feature poem prayers, Scripture prayers, and Questions and Answers to engage the children.  The full-page prayer articles are designed to help children learn how to pray rather than fearing prayer.  It also allows the children to see into the Word how and when God’s people prayed.  The decorative and colorful pages are designed to be kid-friendly and engaging to them.  This Bible also comes with a separate prayer journal with a handy pocket on the back of the Bible so the children can record their own prayers and how God answers those prayers for them.


Having both sons and a daughter I love the option of either a pink or blue cover.


You can download a free sample and get a discount code at this link at Faithgateway.  If you would like to purchase this Bible for yourself, click here for the Pink version and click here for the Blue version.

Also, you can enter a giveaway for this Bible in either the Blue version or the pink version by clicking here.  If you have children in your life, check out this Bible for yourself.

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Review of “Hello Mornings” by Kat Lee


I was privileged to be on the launch team for Kat Lee’s book, “hello mornings”.  A year or so ago, I first heard about the website for hello mornings.  I began to participate.  The general principle is to do three simple things first thing every morning.  The three things are to interact with God’s Word, planning your day, along with fitness.  The concept is simple and straight-forward.

When I read about Kat Lee writing a book about creating a morning routine that builds a person up spiritually, physically and gets them hydrated all at once.  I knew I wanted to be part of this book launch team.  I was thrilled to receive a copy to review.  I truly found this to be a book worth reading.  The chapters are easy to read and kept my interest and attention.

So if you are looking for a book to help get you started with a good morning routine (even if you are not a morning person), I recommend this book.

So what are you reading?  I would love to hear from you.