Fresh Starts


Have you ever been part of something where you just felt an incredible sense of community?  For a season, I was part of such a group.  The group is Proverbs 31 Ministries Online Bible Studies.  The ladies who volunteer are such a wonderful, loving and compassionate group.  For a season, I had to step away from my role as a Facebook Small Group leader due to our recent move to Texas.  However, I have been able to stay in touch with many of the ladies through Facebook.  Plus, the ladies who were part of my Facebook Small group provide such a source of love, friendship, and Christian fellowship.  These women truly are my sisters in Christ.

I have been waiting patiently (well truthfully maybe not that patiently) for the opportunity to return to the ministry.  Today I took the first step towards returning, which involved a phone interview.  Now I have some more waiting for the first steps of training to begin.  But it feels so right to know I am on my way back to volunteering for an awesome ministry that touches the lives of so many.  I truly feel blessed to have this opportunity.  I consider today to also be a fresh start of attempting to keep up with my blogs.  Intentions are great, but sometimes my “real” life has to take priority.  So I am picking up where I am and striving to stick to writing now.

At the same time, I am continuing on my weight loss journey.  The battle never ends, but I know ultimately it is worth the effort.  I have been doing better about drinking more water and less of other things.

So what is going on in your life?  I would love to hear from you!




13 thoughts on “Fresh Starts

  1. I love Proverbs31 and all the P31 Online Bible Studies. I am so glad you are taking the steps to returning to leadership. What a wonderful blessing! I am looking forward to the next study. My life is full with lots of family activities and reading. 🙂


  2. How delightful to find two Christian blogs in my browsing through the Ultimate Blog Challenge posts today! I also struggle with my weight, and have a blog devoted to that, although the one I am focusing on for the challenge is my art blog! I wish you much blessing as you go forth in His name and take steps to return to ministry, don’t forget though, that as Christians everything we do and everywhere we go is an opportunity for ministry! Just pray for God to show you how He wants to use you in each situation and then obey what He prompts you to do! 😀


  3. It seems if we wait, things will fall in place. I’m glad this happened to you with your ministry. I’m trying to keep up with my blogging along with everything else. Hubby and I leave Saturday for Ohio to be with our granddaughter when she meets with her oncologist and surgeon on Monday to set up surgery. Any extra prayers are sure needed for Alexandra.


    1. Dani, thanks for stopping by. It is an online study. The next study will begin in September with sign ups beginning sometime in August. You can either just follow along on the blog or you can also join a Facebook small group.


  4. “Hurry up and wait” seems to be a theme in life. But it sounds like you have blessings headed your way from the waiting.

    I wish you the best of luck in your weight loss goals. I need to drop about 100 pounds myself, but haven’t yet convinced my brain that my body wants to be smaller more than it wants more yummy foods.


  5. Keep your eyes on the prize, sis! Sometimes, God sets us apart for a season so that we can grow closer to Him and receive a new “memo.” If He called you, He will equip you. Let Him lead you, and you will end up exactly where He wants you to be! Blessings to you and your household!


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