Unexpected Opportunities



Back in October of 2015, we found out we were going to be moving from Pennsylvania to Texas courtesy of the Army Reserves.  My husband and I knew we wanted to find a church as soon as possible.  So once we arrived in Texas in March, finding a church became one of our priorities.  The first church we visited was a church that overwhelmed some members of the family.  For us coming from a small church background, there were just too many people.  Everyone was friendly, but the congregation was too large for us.

I was able to reach out to a member of the local homeschooling community for the second time to find other suggestions.  One of the members sent me a list of a list of three possibilities.  I poured over the websites trying to get some idea of what the different churches believed.  Finally, my husband and I talked about what church to visit.  We made our decision knowing we had different options if this one did not work out.  We walked through the doors and immediately felt welcome.  My daughter found a kindred spirit in the pastor’s daughter.  My youngest son made friends with several young men at the church.  Most importantly, our oldest son who plans on becoming a Youth Pastor and is preparing to start college courses for this endeavor found an opportunity to serve as a youth pastor.  The current youth pastor has accepted a pastorate at a church out of state, and they will be leaving later this month.  So in the meantime, my son has begun working with the current youth pastor to prepare.  Last night he had his first solo event at our home. He had some of the teenagers of the church come to sing, pray and do a devotional.  All in all, it went very well.

On Sunday, many of the regular members of the Praise and Worship band were absent, so my oldest son played bass guitar, and I led the singing.  I have to say it was quite the experience.  I usually sing either acapella (no instruments – just voices) or with a piano that plays both the melody and backup parts. However, the melody was only led by me.  But I listened to my call to use one of the gifts that God provided for me.  It is amazing to see how God works.  I thoroughly believe God led us to our current assignment and to this particular church.

Have you ever felt a calling or done what you know what is right in God’s eyes.  I would love to hear from you.



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