Reset and Reflect


So for the past few days, I have been focusing on my family and spending time with them.  Now that Memorial Day is past and Dennis is back to work, it is time to work on getting into a better routine of writing.

I have four children that I am blessed to be called “Mom, Mother, Mom-a-tron” and other miscellaneous spin-offs depending on the mood of said children.  I love them with all my heart.  They are a tremendous blessing to me.  As I watched news about a child, an animal at the zoo, and a mother unfold over the weekend, I recognized that by the grace of God, I could have been the mother in the headlines.  As our oldest turned two, I waited expectantly for the birth of our second son and I waited for the expected “terrible twos” to arrive.  However, we skipped that phase.  Instead, my son waited until closer to four years old to enter that phase.  My son, and in fact all of my children,  are stubborn individuals with a mind of their own.  I could not and would not expect less from them.  They come from a long line of people who had minds of their own.

As a parent, I tried to watch them diligently.  I tried to always keep an eye on them and worked to keep them safe.  Our children have never been to a zoo because I really had no desire to go to one.  But, our children went to the ocean and had plenty of opportunities for adventures and unexpected consequences.  However, we were blessed to never deal with unfortunate consequences.  Several years ago, we returned to North Carolina from Pennsylvania for my in-laws’ fiftieth wedding anniversary.  While we were there, we went to the beach.  We had barely exited the van when my daughter took off running across the sand barrier to the other side where the ocean was.  My husband and I followed as quickly as we could.  Her brothers were close by her side.  As she made it onto the sand, we saw her shoes go flying.  She was excited to see the water.  It would have been very easy for her to head into the water before we made it to her side.  Fortunately, she was old enough to know better and she did not enter the water.  But at four years old, she would not have had that restraint.

It is easy to cast blame and to judge other parents, but that is not what God calls on us to do.  We need to recognize that all sin is sin and there is no variation in varieties of sin.  All sin causes our God’s heart to break.  He has so much he wants to give us and wants for us.  We need to be open to receiving those gifts.  We need to have our hearts and minds open to those blessings.  Rather than judging each other, we need to walk with one another in love and understanding.  Jesus Christ died for our sins – every sin that has been or is being, or will be committed.  We need to accept the gift of forgiveness and love His death on the cross provides.  So I pray we remember what Jesus dying on the cross really means.  My heart breaks for the fear I know this mother must have felt.  Let us walk in love rather than judgment.

So what is going on where you are today?  I would love to hear from you.



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