“Sink Reflections” versus “the life-changing magic of tidying up

Sink Reflections


the life changing magic of tidying up

So we are a military family who also homeschools.  As a result, we have a lot of books and belongings.  I am always on the quest to find new ways to make my task of chores around the house easier.  Several years ago, I stumbled upon the Flylady website and love the values and information she presents.  Time and circumstances prevented me from truly embracing the idea of “Flying”.  Then a year or so ago, I started seeing many of my online and local friends talking about “the life-changing magic of tidying up”.  So I decided recently to read it.

With just moving from Pennsylvania to Texas, it seems like it is the perfect time to start reading these two books.  In addition, I added the book “Hidden Treasures”, a book which tells the story of some ladies and their desire to fly.

Hidden Treasures

Last night I completed “Hidden Treasures”.  I completed “the life-changing magic of tidying up” today and am still reading “Sink Reflections”.   At this point I can say for me personally, “the life-changing magic of tidying up” was too far out of my theological beliefs which are totally Christian.  The idea of bowing down to my house is just too much for me.  I can not dream of thinking about giving thanks to my possessions.  I have a friend who used parts of this book with great success, but it is just not my “cup of tea”.

On the other hand, I loved “Hidden Treasures” and am loving “Sink Reflections” so far.  These books speak to my soul and present things in a manner I can agree with completely.  “Hidden Treasures” kept me enthralled from beginning to end.  I hated to put it down.  The ending was perfect.  I could completely relate and appreciate what the women in the book were going through and wanted to see how the book ended.  The ending had me rejoicing with the protagonist and knowing it was just right for the story.

“Sink Reflections” is another amazing book, which breaks the system of “flying” down into manageable chunks in a book.  While I can appreciate the Flylady website and emails, these books just reach a part of me in a manner I can relate to and understand.  The books make me understand truly the idea of starting where I am and not worrying about complete and total perfectionism.  It brings joy to my soul.

Perhaps the fact, the Flylady has sections devoted to homeschooling families help as well.  Homeschooling brings its own distinct challenges, opportunities, and situations.  I appreciate the information presented just for us.  She also reaches out to those who have to work outside the home or perhaps have jobs they do at home.  Her products are amazing and are definitely worth the money.  I definitely recommend her website and her books.

So in conclusion, I believe there are some helpful ideas in “the life-changing magic of tidying up”, but it just was not a book for me.  On the other hand, the books and Flylady website and system are a complete fit for me.  So what books or systems for organization, tidying up, and decluttering do you recommend or are your favorites?  I would love to hear from you.

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