“X” is for X-rays


So today is another installment of the #BloggingAtoZ challenge, and the letter for today is “x”.  “X” for me brings to mind memories of x-rays.  Through the years, I have experienced a number of x-rays – both as a patient as well as either the spouse or mother of a patient.  One of my sister-in-laws works as an x-ray technician.  Some x-rays are not too bad.  Others like when I had to have my knees x-rayed for my arthritis are down-right painful.  The positions are awkward, the amount of time to maintain the position is painful and still others are just irritating to have done (like dental x-rays).

I have had normal x-rays, ultrasounds, CAT scan and MRIS, including an esophageal ultrasound of my heart.  While they are all different, they each come with their own set of challenges.

So what does “x” bring to mind for you?  I would love to hear from you.

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