“V” is for Victoria


So it is another day of the #BloggingAtoZ challenge, and the letter for today is “V”.  For me, “V” reminds me of Victoria, our new hometown.  Back in October, we received notification that we would be moving to Victoria, Texas with a report date in February.  We kept waiting for our orders to come, but there was no funding to move us.  Some of our family were rally excited about the move – especially since it meant warm weather and being near beaches.  Others in the family were not so thrilled.  I know I am going to miss the Amish markets we used to buy our produce at locally. Plus, I am going to miss the grocery stores that carried a variety of lactose-free foods for our oldest.  But, Victoria has some charms of its own.

I love that for the first time in about nine years; we live in one story.  Our home, while not as big as our last home, offers many features that make it desirable.  In Victoria, we have many restaurants our oldest can eat at safely.  Also, we have a Sam’s Club right in town.  In about 15 minutes we can get almost anywhere, we need to go.  Plus, we are about 2 hours from San Antonio and Corpus Christi, which both have a lot to offer.

In Victoria, we have tw colleges, a number of churches, a ballet company and numerous activities to participate in along with a river.  So all in all, I think once we get unpacked and settle in we will enjoy our new community.

So what does “v” bring to mind for you?


2 thoughts on ““V” is for Victoria

    1. Thanks for the information, but they really don’t carry a lot – we need items that are not only lactose-free, but are guaranteed to be produced where there is no cross-contamination, which is much more of a challenge


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