“F” is for Friends and Feasts

Welcome back to another day of #bloggingatoz.  The letter is “f”, which for me represents friends and feasts.  Good friends can be hard to find and either harder to keep when a family moves around.  Growing up, my family moved frequently so I was always one of the new kids.  My older sister was one who could make friends easily.  For me, it was much harder.  I am now married to my best friend.  At the same time. I long to have a few close girlfriends locally.  I have been blessed to make friendships that span distances, but there is nothing like having someone nearby you can talk to.  So if you have close friends nearby, do not take them for granted.

“F” is also for feasts.  I love cooking. Cooking for family and friends brings joy and satisfaction to my soul.


So are you blessed to have good friends?  How do you feel about cooking feasts?  I would love to hear from you.


2 thoughts on ““F” is for Friends and Feasts

  1. Great post. I do appreciate my friends, two of which I’ve had for a span of 30 years. I just wish they were closer. It is hard not to have them locally and even harder to meet them when in a new place. Like you, I’m married to my best friend, and that helps. Again, great post. Take care.


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