C is for Chaos and Challenges


So this is a day late, but here is my post for day 3 of the Blogging A to Z challenge.  For me, “c” is for chaos.  This is the state of our home and lives after moving from Pennsylvania to Texas.  Boxes cover  almost every room of our house.  Hardware and other items needed to reassemble furniture are missing.  Trying to find a new normal is a challenge.

We also have the challenge of finding a new church and new activities.  So what is going on in your world?  I would love to hear from you.


8 thoughts on “C is for Chaos and Challenges

      1. Hi! Stopping by from West Texas for the A-Z! I have moved many times in my life, and I know all to well about the boxes and the chaos and how tiring it is to get everything re-organized into livable fashion again… and remember where you put this or that! I hope you’ll soon be settled in and can begin to feel at home in your new surroundings.
        Josie Two Shoes from Josie’s Journal


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