“B” is for Boys, Boxes and Bandages


So this is the second day of Blogging A to Z challenge for April 2016.  So that means the letter of the day is “B”.  For me, “B” is for Boys, boxes and bandages.  Obviously, with a husband and three sons, I have a lot of “boys” around all the time.  For the past week, my boys have been concentrating on the second “b”, which is boxes.  The boys have been unpacking boxes, moving boxes and breaking down boxes.  They are helping to ensure our house gets unpacked and I keep my sanity.

My boys are amazing and can accomplish so much when they set their minds to it.  For the past week, they have been reassembling furniture, putting together their bedroom and helping to assemble our kitchen.  Of course, it doesn’t help that the packers did not pack anything with any rhyme or reason.  Also, numerous boxes have been mislabeled.  But my boys keep trucking on and working to reduce our number of boxes.

“B” is also for bandages.  We had our first medical incident this past week.  Our youngest son manage to need stitches.  So in turn, we had to go buy bandages for the injury.  Fortunately, he has been a trooper with the injury.  It is hard to see your child suffer.  But, it is always easier when the medical professionals treating that child are caring and compassionate.

So that is what is going on around here.  What is going on where you are?  I would love to hear from you.





2 thoughts on ““B” is for Boys, Boxes and Bandages

  1. Hi, visiting from the A-Z, and boxes are a part of my life on and off as I have relocated some 15-16 times till date. Unpacking and getting rid of them is a painful part of all moves. But have to admit my luck with packers has generally been good, they always have packed stuff coded room by room, so it’s a bit easier to unpack and put away. Good luck with settling in!



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