Endings and Beginnings

Psalm 51 10

So we have said goodbye to one chapter in our lives and are starting the next chapter.  Over a  week ago we watched packers/movers pack our belongings load them onto an 18-wheeler for the trip to Texas.  Then we loaded up our belongings and us into our two vehicles and started out for Texas.  The first night we stayed in Salem, Virginia.  The drive was fairly easy since most of it involved traveling on familiar roads.  We stayed at a Hampton Inn in a fantastic suite with two rooms.  One room contained a king-sized bag and was the room Dennis, Rebecca and I slept in.  The second room had two queen-sized beds and was where our three sons and my mom slept.

The next day our destination was Chattanooga, which meant driving through Knoxville as well.  There were a few nerve-wracking moments.  However, the weather was beautiful.  Upon our arrival in Chattanooga, we went to our hotel first to check in.  The hotel sat on top of a winding hill.  The view was spectacular.  After we took our suitcases to the room, we went to Wal-Mart and  out for dinner.  Directly across the street from the hotel was a Logan’s Steakhouse – and surprisingly Jacob could eat there.  The meal was amazing.  After we finished eating, we went back to the hotel and rested for a while.  Then we took the younger three down to the pool.  The water was really warm.  It was fantastic and I enjoyed it.  Afterwards, we went back to our rooms for the night.

Stay tuned for more details of our move.  I would love to hear from you.