Our Life is Never Boring


Life around our home is never boring.  There is always something going on.  Currently, the “something going on” is revolving around our upcoming move from Pennsylvania to Texas.  It seems like every day something new comes up – such as additional requirements that need to be done before the move or additional things that will need to be done once we actually move.  In the midst of everything, I am trying to keep things as “normal” as possible – or should I say “normal” for our family.

This means we have to constantly expect the unexpected and be prepared for whatever comes our way.  In the last three years, we have found places to buy a variety of foods that are safe for our lactose-intolerant son can eat.  Moving to a different part of the country where different stores are present means we will have to  explore the area to find what items are safe.  In our case, it is not enough to know that items simply do not contain lactose, we also need to be certain they are not produced on lines that contain lactose.  Where we are moving to this means for at least two of the stores we routinely shop at we will be driving 2 hours one way to shop there.  Fortunately, we do not find that completely out of the question.  Also, we  are fortunate that one of the places we do shop at is right in our new community – rather than having to drive a half an hour one way.

Another of the stores I frequent is not located in our new area.  So this means I will have o find out what alternatives are available.  One of the stores my parents frequently shopped at while I was growing up will be in our new community.  So it will be interesting to see what items I can find there.  Also, I am willing to pay a little more in order to get higher quality items.

So what is going on where you are today?  I would love to hear from you.



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