Going Through Books

Philippians 4 13

So we are preparing for our move from Pennsylvania to Texas.  Part of that preparation involves going through our books trying to determine what we want to keep and what we want to get rid of to help bring our weight down.  This can be fun, except when there is a genuine attachment to the books in questions.  Some I can remember watching my children read either to themselves or to some of their siblings.  Other books are just beautiful to look at while still others bring back memories of laughter and great conversations.

In the course of purging these books, I have come across some interesting people.  I have met some who are as excited about books as I am and recognize the value of certain volumes.  Others have tried getting something for nothing; while others want many but the time for buying is completely wrong.  Some have bought the books they wanted and I have no doubt they will enjoy them.  Others found I did not have what they wanted.  All of these I understand – even if I sometimes felt badly for them.  I am attached to my books and do not mind admitting it.   I love seeing others who feel the same way about books and reading that I do.

It amazes me when watching our children as they grow up and their persistence in trying to find a book they want to read.  The other day we took our children to Barnes and Noble.  The goal was to get them books for our impending move to keep them occupied.  Once they found their selections, we purchased them.  Our daughter informed me that it was a great day since she got books.  It thrilled me to her state those facts.

So what is going on with you today?  I would love to hear from you.



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