Something Needed


Psalm 37 4

Have you ever needed something without actually knowing you needed it?  For example, maybe you needed to hear from someone that you are loved, appreciated or understood.  But you didn’t ask anyone for it.  But then you get some words of encouragement in person, by letter or by a third party, or even perhaps from the word of God.  It is amazing when this happens.  Lots of things are going on in our life right now with preparing for our move.  One of those things is knowing we needed to have our current house cleaned once we move out in several weeks.  I am one of these people who prefers to give opportunities to people either I know personally or someone who is known by someone I know.  I feel this method is much more reliable.

So knowing we needed to find someone to clean the house, I started talking to various friends to find a name.  Two different sets of friends had suggestions for me.  One attempted to make contact with the person but had no success.  The other one made contact with the individual and passed on my information.  We quickly set up a time to meet at our house.  When the lady and her husband arrived at our home, our mutual friends also happened to be visiting us – which was a nice opportunity.  Upon touring the home and hearing our needs, we were able to quickly come to an agreement about price and the time for the cleaning to occur.  All in all, it was very painless.  This meeting took place on Sunday.

Then on Monday, Dennis had to go to Virginia to conduct some inventory requirements related to our move.  So that left the children and me home by ourselves.  Unfortunately, I also contracted some kind of cold from my children that left me feeling under the weather.  Imagine my surprise when I began looking at my feed on Facebook and found a beautiful tribute to a woman’s need for “sisters” from one of my sister-in-laws.  I delighted in the Lord and He gave me the “desires” of my heart – even though I had not spoken those needs out loud.  I, in turn, passed on that blessing to some of the important women in my life.

Now the biggest desire of my heart is for our family to quickly and easily find a home to rent in our new community.  So it will be interesting to see how God provides for that need.

I would love to hear what is going on in your world.  #write365




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