Moving Forward


Philippians 4 13


I am still participating in the #Write365 challenge.  Although I have not been writing every day here on the blog, I have at least been writing.  Even if it was only in my Devotional journals, I have written every day for the past 35 days.  I am pretty proud of that, especially considering we are preparing for a cross country move as well.

We are preparing to head to Texas to find what will be our new rental home for what could be as long as five years.  At the same time, we are working to declutter our existing home and prepare for the invasion of the packers and movers.  It is always fun to watch military movers work.  Some teams, like the first one that packed us up in eastern North Carolina, work with incredible precision and technique.  Other times, like our move from western Pennsylvania to central Pennsylvania, teams come in unprepared – like sending two people the first day when the movers knew we were a family of six.

This time, we have been told they are going to pack and move all of our belongings in a four day window.  I am interested to see how this goes.  Of course, we have no room for any margin of error.  Tomorrow we have our first face to face contact with the team that will be responsible for our move this time.  The person will determining how many pounds of belongings we have.  This will help them determine what size team they need to send to pack our stuff.  It amazed me to find out that a military family, regardless of how many members are in that family, only receive a total of 2,000 more pounds than a military member who is single.  This just astounds my mind.  It is hard to imagine how they think a family of 4, much less a family of six, like our family would only have 2,000 more pounds of possessions than a single individual.

In our case, we have the fun of a front-load washer, a front-load dryer, two upright freezers plus our refrigerator (that is only a refrigerator).  Not to mention, the plethora of books we have with my husband being a seminary student plus an ordained minister and the homeschooling books we have acquired through the years.  Add to that my husband’s tools such as the table saw and such and we have a lot of weight.  This move we will simply have the two vehicles, our 12 passenger van plus our pick up truck to move things in, rather than having the added space of a utility trailer to pull behind the truck.  So this adds up to the excitement of our upcoming adventure.  I am curious to see how we make it all fit – since we have to take certain tools, the lawn mower, the chipper and other items with us personally.  Add to that seven people and their clothes and items such as laptop computers and it is going to get interesting.

So what is going on in your world?  I would love to hear from you.





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