Preparing for our Move to Texas


So if you have been following our blogs you probably know we are preparing for a move to Texas.  If you are visiting for the first time, we currently live in Pennsylvania and are preparing for a move to the eastern part of Texas.  This means we have to find a new house to rent for our family.  So my husband, the youngest two children and I are preparing to head to Texas to find this new place for us to call home.

The drive alone is going to take about 25 hours.  So I wanted to make sure the two children have plenty to do in the van.  They have started doing Manga drawings, so we have made two different trips to Hobby Lobby to get books and supplies for them to use.  We also have been to Barnes and Noble to buy books for all four children.  The two who are being left behind received more reading materials, while the two going with us received more drawing supplies and things.  So hopefully, they will enjoy themselves on the trip.

Typically our daughter who is our youngest loves listening to audiobooks while we are riding, but this time, she says she does not want to because she has her music, her drawing, and her books to read.  It will be interesting to see how things go on the trip.

So what is going on where you are today?  I would love to hear from you.



Going Through Books

Philippians 4 13

So we are preparing for our move from Pennsylvania to Texas.  Part of that preparation involves going through our books trying to determine what we want to keep and what we want to get rid of to help bring our weight down.  This can be fun, except when there is a genuine attachment to the books in questions.  Some I can remember watching my children read either to themselves or to some of their siblings.  Other books are just beautiful to look at while still others bring back memories of laughter and great conversations.

In the course of purging these books, I have come across some interesting people.  I have met some who are as excited about books as I am and recognize the value of certain volumes.  Others have tried getting something for nothing; while others want many but the time for buying is completely wrong.  Some have bought the books they wanted and I have no doubt they will enjoy them.  Others found I did not have what they wanted.  All of these I understand – even if I sometimes felt badly for them.  I am attached to my books and do not mind admitting it.   I love seeing others who feel the same way about books and reading that I do.

It amazes me when watching our children as they grow up and their persistence in trying to find a book they want to read.  The other day we took our children to Barnes and Noble.  The goal was to get them books for our impending move to keep them occupied.  Once they found their selections, we purchased them.  Our daughter informed me that it was a great day since she got books.  It thrilled me to her state those facts.

So what is going on with you today?  I would love to hear from you.


Our Life is Never Boring


Life around our home is never boring.  There is always something going on.  Currently, the “something going on” is revolving around our upcoming move from Pennsylvania to Texas.  It seems like every day something new comes up – such as additional requirements that need to be done before the move or additional things that will need to be done once we actually move.  In the midst of everything, I am trying to keep things as “normal” as possible – or should I say “normal” for our family.

This means we have to constantly expect the unexpected and be prepared for whatever comes our way.  In the last three years, we have found places to buy a variety of foods that are safe for our lactose-intolerant son can eat.  Moving to a different part of the country where different stores are present means we will have to  explore the area to find what items are safe.  In our case, it is not enough to know that items simply do not contain lactose, we also need to be certain they are not produced on lines that contain lactose.  Where we are moving to this means for at least two of the stores we routinely shop at we will be driving 2 hours one way to shop there.  Fortunately, we do not find that completely out of the question.  Also, we  are fortunate that one of the places we do shop at is right in our new community – rather than having to drive a half an hour one way.

Another of the stores I frequent is not located in our new area.  So this means I will have o find out what alternatives are available.  One of the stores my parents frequently shopped at while I was growing up will be in our new community.  So it will be interesting to see what items I can find there.  Also, I am willing to pay a little more in order to get higher quality items.

So what is going on where you are today?  I would love to hear from you.


Something Needed


Psalm 37 4

Have you ever needed something without actually knowing you needed it?  For example, maybe you needed to hear from someone that you are loved, appreciated or understood.  But you didn’t ask anyone for it.  But then you get some words of encouragement in person, by letter or by a third party, or even perhaps from the word of God.  It is amazing when this happens.  Lots of things are going on in our life right now with preparing for our move.  One of those things is knowing we needed to have our current house cleaned once we move out in several weeks.  I am one of these people who prefers to give opportunities to people either I know personally or someone who is known by someone I know.  I feel this method is much more reliable.

So knowing we needed to find someone to clean the house, I started talking to various friends to find a name.  Two different sets of friends had suggestions for me.  One attempted to make contact with the person but had no success.  The other one made contact with the individual and passed on my information.  We quickly set up a time to meet at our house.  When the lady and her husband arrived at our home, our mutual friends also happened to be visiting us – which was a nice opportunity.  Upon touring the home and hearing our needs, we were able to quickly come to an agreement about price and the time for the cleaning to occur.  All in all, it was very painless.  This meeting took place on Sunday.

Then on Monday, Dennis had to go to Virginia to conduct some inventory requirements related to our move.  So that left the children and me home by ourselves.  Unfortunately, I also contracted some kind of cold from my children that left me feeling under the weather.  Imagine my surprise when I began looking at my feed on Facebook and found a beautiful tribute to a woman’s need for “sisters” from one of my sister-in-laws.  I delighted in the Lord and He gave me the “desires” of my heart – even though I had not spoken those needs out loud.  I, in turn, passed on that blessing to some of the important women in my life.

Now the biggest desire of my heart is for our family to quickly and easily find a home to rent in our new community.  So it will be interesting to see how God provides for that need.

I would love to hear what is going on in your world.  #write365



Moving Forward


Philippians 4 13


I am still participating in the #Write365 challenge.  Although I have not been writing every day here on the blog, I have at least been writing.  Even if it was only in my Devotional journals, I have written every day for the past 35 days.  I am pretty proud of that, especially considering we are preparing for a cross country move as well.

We are preparing to head to Texas to find what will be our new rental home for what could be as long as five years.  At the same time, we are working to declutter our existing home and prepare for the invasion of the packers and movers.  It is always fun to watch military movers work.  Some teams, like the first one that packed us up in eastern North Carolina, work with incredible precision and technique.  Other times, like our move from western Pennsylvania to central Pennsylvania, teams come in unprepared – like sending two people the first day when the movers knew we were a family of six.

This time, we have been told they are going to pack and move all of our belongings in a four day window.  I am interested to see how this goes.  Of course, we have no room for any margin of error.  Tomorrow we have our first face to face contact with the team that will be responsible for our move this time.  The person will determining how many pounds of belongings we have.  This will help them determine what size team they need to send to pack our stuff.  It amazed me to find out that a military family, regardless of how many members are in that family, only receive a total of 2,000 more pounds than a military member who is single.  This just astounds my mind.  It is hard to imagine how they think a family of 4, much less a family of six, like our family would only have 2,000 more pounds of possessions than a single individual.

In our case, we have the fun of a front-load washer, a front-load dryer, two upright freezers plus our refrigerator (that is only a refrigerator).  Not to mention, the plethora of books we have with my husband being a seminary student plus an ordained minister and the homeschooling books we have acquired through the years.  Add to that my husband’s tools such as the table saw and such and we have a lot of weight.  This move we will simply have the two vehicles, our 12 passenger van plus our pick up truck to move things in, rather than having the added space of a utility trailer to pull behind the truck.  So this adds up to the excitement of our upcoming adventure.  I am curious to see how we make it all fit – since we have to take certain tools, the lawn mower, the chipper and other items with us personally.  Add to that seven people and their clothes and items such as laptop computers and it is going to get interesting.

So what is going on in your world?  I would love to hear from you.