Well It is Real….We’re Moving to Texas


AdTo every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven_d a little bit of body text1

God’s Word tells us that to everything there is a time and a season.  Our season of being in Pennsylvania is almost over.  We are starting to face our “lasts” – such as the last time seeing certain people, the last time traveling certain roads, seeing the last snow fall, and the last time going certain places.  In some ways it is bittersweet.  No more chances to build snowman, have snowball fights or make snow angels.  At the same time, a whole new range of opportunities will be available to our family.

For the next couple of weeks, purging and getting rid of things is going to be our focus.  Preparing to move 7 people can be quite the adventure.  Plus, knowing we need almost two weeks of things with us for at least two different types of climates adds to the adventures.  Then on top of that, we need to determine what we absolutely need to have with us to survive the time we are in the hotel – including some of our cookware and such.

On top of that we will have the adventure of finding a home in Texas that our family will fit in.  I expect that to be quite an adventure.  Knowing we have about two months to accomplish everything is enough to send me into hibernation.  But I know the Lord will provide.

Philippians 4 13

In the coming weeks, I will be spending extra time in prayer and in God’s Word asking for the strength and grace needed to get our family through the trials that I am sure will happen during this move.  But I also know,

Psalm 37 4

In this case, the desire of my heart is to find a house quickly and easily.  Plus, I want the move to go smoothly – meaning the movers are efficient, the weather cooperates and the travel goes smoothly.  Once we get there, I desire to find the perfect church for our family and  friends for our children.

So for the next few weeks or so probably most of my posts will focus on the excitement and chaos of our upcoming move.  I will be documenting our purging, organization and planning involved in our moving process.

So what is going on where you are?  I would love to hear from you.  If I can pray for anything for you, let me know.


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