Still Here Writing Away


So today is day 8 of the #Write365 project, and I am still writing.  This weekend I am enjoying some time with my husband – the love of my life even though he is attending a conference. Fortunately,  I was able to ride with him and get some time to spend on anything I want.  So a large part of my time is going to be spent writing.  I also want to spend time on planning my upcoming activities for my blogs.  I plan on working on my Bible Journaling.

I am being ambitious again and trying to participate in both the Documented Faith Project and the Documented Life project.  So this weekend is going to be a perfect time to work on catching up on these projects.  I decided to buy the binder kit for Documented Faith – and tonight I have been working on just the front cover.  So here is what I have done so far.  I still have some finishing touches and I still need to do the spine and the back.  Once those are finished, I will work on the dividers and the spreads for each month – as far as adding dates, days of the week and months to each page.


I also plan on catching up on my devotionals and my reading.  It sounds like a lot, but I am going to have a lot of free time.  When we arrived at the lodging we had reservations, I was shocked – and that is putting it mildly.  We had previously stayed at the lodging here and while the rooms were nice, the buildings were older.  Now there is a brand new building that is almost like a small town unto itself.  One day next week, I will probably post pictures.  In the meantime here are some pictures of our room.

I am a very blessed individual and I know it.  My husband loves and does everything he can to pamper me and let me know I am loved.  It is hard to believe that we started our journey to being a married couple 25 years ago.  He is the perfect soulmate for me and I love him with all my heart.  It is amazing that we get to mark the month of our first real “date” – although I can’t really call it a date – because my father and several thousand other people were present.  I am just so blessed to have him in my life.

So what is going on in your world?  I would love to hear from you.  If there is anything I can pray about for you, let me know.

#Write365 #blessed #LoveofMyLife






2 thoughts on “Still Here Writing Away

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Blogging can be amazing. I would love to visit your blog if you would like to share the name of it. If you just need to someone to chat with, I would be glad to chat with you.


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