Plans Gone Awry


So have you ever made plans and known exactly what you want to happen- such as plans to sleep late, or get something specific done, or  go someplace?  Well, last night I made plans.  I wanted to sleep in and start the day off with God on my terms.  However, my plans did not come to fruition.  Instead, I awoke to my husband’s cell phone playing “Stars and Stripes Forever” loudly and much earlier than I ever wanted to wake up on a Saturday morning.

Of course, I thought about going back to sleep since it was not even 7 am yet.  But my plans once again failed – instead I wound up staying awake.  So I read my YouVersion Bible plans on my Ipad and then read my 3 devotional books.  It allowed me to spend some quiet time with God.  So even though my plans failed, I know God’s plans were perfect as always.

I need to spend some time planning this weekend for our menus for the next several weeks.  I have found the perfect tool to use for planning our menus and today I discovered another perfect use for it – my blog planner.  What tool is that?  The perfect tool is the new planner from  Ruth Soukup and  Living Well, Spending Less.  I plan on using my Corie Clark planner as my “take-everywhere” planner and love that it is set up as a daily planner.  But the Living Well, Spending Less planner just lends itself for being my blog planner and Menu planner.  There are columns for breakfast, lunch and dinner on the right-hand page,  along with 2 larger squares on the left-hand page that will be perfect for blog planning.

Here are some pictures of the planner.

First, here is the cover.  I added scrapbooking pages and embellishments to  it.

LWSL Front Cover

Then there are two pages for monthly goals that I believe would be perfect for identifying particular themes or blogging events for particular months.

Here is a sample of the weekly spreads.  The Left side is where I believe I will record blogging information including any pertinent information.  While I will use the right side to do my menu planning.  Since my husband and I  are following the 21-day Fix, I think this is going to be a perfect place to keep track of our meals as well.

I will be sharing more about this planner in a different post.

So what is going on in your world?  I would love to hear from you.  If there is anything you would like me to pray about for you, let me know.

#Write365  #PlannerHappiness


One thought on “Plans Gone Awry

  1. I love this. I am trying so hard this year to be organized. I’m like a tornado spiraling out of control…that is how my brain works and it just never stops. I hope all your planning goes well and thank you for this post…it gives me hope


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