Scriptures of Thanksgiving – November 3, 2015

Thankgsgiving Scripture ActivitySo our family homeschools and we also love the Bible and getting into God’s World.  Several different places over the past few weeks, I have seen suggestions for doing month long activities around Thanksgiving.  So that is what our family has chosen to do.  Based on some suggestions I saw online and then using online tools and our concordance, we came up with a list of Scripture passages.  My husband and I managed to merge our ideas of what this should look like.

The first thing we did was get each person a special journal to write in each day.  The second thing we did was determine when we wanted to do the activity.  In our case, we have decided to do it right after dinner.

The next thing we had to decide was how much of each passage we wanted everyone to write.  I decided that quality was more important than quantity.  So we stuck with a goal of no more than three passages.  So each night we gather around the table with our notebooks, Bibles, and pens or pencils to dive into God’s Word.

We open with prayer.  Then I tell everyone what passage we are going to be copying.  The first two nights we read the Scripture passage, discussed the passage and then everyone writes the passage down in the journals.  We are devoting two pages side by side in the journal to each day.  On the one side is the verse.  On the second side, they write down anywhere from 2 to 5 things they are grateful for along with anything else they may want to include.  In my case, I tend to include cross-references.

This is what my  journal and sample of my Thanksgiving pages look like:

Bilbe Copywork Scripture Journal

Thanksgiving Scriputre journal sampleSo what traditions does your family follow for Thanksgiving or other holidays?  I would love to hear from you.  Feel free to comment.  Also if there is anything I can pray about for you let me know.


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