#31DaystoWrite – Day 21 – Scriptures of Faith – Galatians 6:10


Today is day 21 of the #31DaystoWrite challenge along with day 21 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge and the October NaBloPoMo challenge for October.  I am still here and participating.  I have really enjoyed writing this series.  Today I want to continue my series on Scriptures of Faith.  Today

Galatians610betterMany times as Christians we find ourselves focusing on reaching the lost and we forget the actual members of our churches and bodies of believers.  We need to focus on loving and living with those believers we worship with regularly.  We need to love and show charity to fellow believers.  We need to demonstrate the Light of Christ in everything we do and everywhere we are.  We never know who is watching us and needs to feel the love of Christ at any given moment.  We need to be the hands, feet, mouth, ears and hearts of Christ.  It is important to stretch ourselves and spend time in the Word and with God so we build our own relationships with Christ.

So what is up in your corner of the world?  I would love to hear from you!  May God bless you in everything you do today.


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