The Birth of a Son


So 15 years ago today, we left the house as parents of two sons on our way to the hospital to have our third son.  With all four of our children, I was induced.  I quickly settled in my labor room with my husband and his sister-in-law with me.  I called her “Coach”.  And there was never a more amazing coach on the planet.  We were quite surprised later in the morning to hear Dennis’ aunts in the hallway.  We were even more surprised to find one of his cousins was laboring in the room beside us.

Of course, the nurses got a friendly rivalry going about which one of us would deliver first.  We were having baby 3 and she was having her first.  As the morning progressed, things got more intense.  Several times our nurse came in and checked me, making sure I was staying on my side to help keep my blood pressure down.  I could tell something was not quite right, but couldn’t figure out exactly what was going on with our baby and me.  Our room was directly across from the nurse’s station – so we could hear when our nurse called our doctor’s office (on several occasions).  Each time, her voice became more agitated and more insistent that the doctor come to the hospital.  Finally around noon, she came in to check on us and from in our room called the doctor’s office and insisted that he come to the hospital immediately.  Fortunately, his office was less than 5 minutes away from the hospital and the labor and delivery floor.

As he arrived in the room, things became rather disconcerting for me.  Everyone in the room was moving with purpose.  I could see the concern on Lisa’s face (my coach and Dennis’ sister-in-law.  Even though I was not directly told, I could tell if we did not deliver our son soon, I would have to have a c-section.  A c-section for me would have been completely traumatic because I am deathly afraid of needles.  So with the helps of prayers and divine intervention, our son was born.  I could tell everything was not exactly as it should be.  It turned out his umbilical cord had wrapped several times around his neck.  This could have ended much differently.  But he was born and from the start was a fairly mellow baby.

Through the years he has kept me on my toes.  Through stitches, a fractured arm and other adventures, he and his younger sister are my dynamic duo.  They keep life interesting.

So I just want to say, “Happy Birthday to our amazing third born son, Nathan!”  We love you lots and lots.



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