#31DaystoWrite – Day 17 – #ScripturesofFaith – Acts 16:5

12053173_10205096985840004_1576198073_nToday is day 17 of the #31DaystoWrite challenge, the October NaBloPoMo challenge and the Ultimate Blog challenge – all of which I am participating in this month.  Today I wish to share another “Scripture of Faith” series post.  Today the Scripture of Faith I have selected is – Acts 16:5.

Acts165This verse informs us that the early churches was established in the faith.  These churches were not established with anything more than that.  They did not have great wealth or power or influence, but they were filled with faith.  These early Christians were filled with faith.  They genuinely believed in the power and salvation of Jesus Christ.  Many died and were tortured for their beliefs.  Some were thrown in jail or received other punishments.  Stephen was stoned to death for his beliefs.  In the days we are living in now, we see in the news constantly about those being killed for their faith in Jesus Christ.  How many have enough faith to die for their beliefs?  Is there something you are willing to die for today?  I would love to hear from you.


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