#31DaystoWrite – Scriptures of Faith Day 10 – Romans 10:17

12053173_10205096985840004_1576198073_nSo today is day 10 of my Scriptures of Faith challenge.  Today I want to write about Romans 10:17.

Romans1017picmonkeyMy husband is a Primitive Baptist preacher and has been for over 23 years.  So I have heard almost every sermon he has spoken.  There have bee a few I have missed due to sick children or other circumstances, but those have been rare.  He has a few verses that are what I refer to as his “go-to” verses – meaning he goes to them frequently and they underscore the message he generally wants to state.   This is one of those verses.  We can only gain faith by hearing and that hearing has to be from the Word of God.  It is not enough to just listen to someone speak, we have to hear the actual and unchanged word of God.  For we know that God was the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  He does not change.  We never have to doubt what He expects of us – His children.  Nor do we have to doubt what is necessary for us to be saved.  Instead, we can “hear” or “read’ the Word of God and it will increase our faith.  The more we read about God, the more we know about God and who He is.

At our previous duty station, we attended a church where the pastor every January would encourage his flock to read along with him through the Bible in the year.  So while there, I did this for the very first time.  I was so blessed by the experience that I try to read through the Bible every year now.

What do you do to “increase” your faith?  I would love to hear from you.


3 thoughts on “#31DaystoWrite – Scriptures of Faith Day 10 – Romans 10:17

  1. Tomorrow, I will go to church, and I will listen to the word of God and I will try to absorb the words. Two years ago, I did read the Bible from beginning to end. I learned a lot, although there were some parts of the Bible that I found to be very disturbing.
    Thank you for reminding me of God’s unchanging nature. It is not God who loves me less, but me who is doubting. I know, even when my faith flags, that God always loves me!


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