Day 4 – 31 Days to Write Challenge – Scriptures of Faith

12053173_10205096985840004_1576198073_nToday is day 4 of the 31 Days to Write challenge, and I would like to share another of my favorite Scriptures.

John 1427Right now there is a lot going on with my family – namely my husband had to be hospitalized last weekend for his gall bladder.  They wanted to do emergency surgery, but some things prevented that from happening.  Instead they kept him in the hospital that Friday night and gave him IV antibiotics to combat the infection.  We were told on Friday that he would be able to come home Saturday morning.

Saturday morning came and a different surgeon appeared.  This surgeon managed to insult and offend me with the first words out of his mouth to me.  Then he proceeded to tell us that my husband would not be able to come home that day after all.  Of course, my husband was in no shape to really think about what was being said – so I ended up asking questions and trying to understand why the sudden change.  Before too long, I had all I could take and ended up leaving the room.  I raced down the hallway, to the elevator and down to our van – where I sat crying for a while.  Finally, I regained control and decided to return to his room.

Prior to the doctor coming in, my husband’s nurse was a pleasure to be around.  Once I started questioning the doctor, she became a completely different person.  Evidently in her universe, doctors are the “End All, Be All of Everything” and no one is allowed to question them.  She treated me as though I was a total and complete criminal – guilty of the worst of crimes.  So I ended up going to our home to pick up some additional things for my husband since we had no idea of when he actually would get to come home.

I will continue this saga tomorrow.  But for now, let me say this verse fits everything I am going through and feeling right now.

#31DaystoWrite  #ScripturesofFaith #Lovemyhusband


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